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Basic Rock Collection- Includes 6 specimens of each of the three rock types:
  • igneous (granite, scoria, rhyolite, porphyry, obsidian, pumice)
  • metamorphic (gneiss, marble, mica schist, anthracite, slate, quartzite)
  • sedimentary (conglomerate, limestone, sandstone, travertine, shale, dolomite).
Basic information about rock types and rock forming minerals is provided on the back of the card.

Fluorescent Minerals - Get out your blacklight and check out this mounted set that includes six specimens from the following list depending on availability; hackmanite, fluorite, calcite, aragonite, chalcedony, trona, tremolite or willemite in calcite. Specimens on the card provide examples of both long and short wave. For a boxed collection of fluorescent specimens, see 1570-000.

Fool's Gold -All that glitters is not gold! Learn about Fool's Gold (pyrite) from information accompanying this mounted specimen.

Mohs Hardness Scale - Card mounted specimen set. We also have a boxed set of Mohs specimens (1502-030) as well as a Mohs collection that includes a diamond specimen. It can be found at (1502-020). Our Mohs collections include the following minerals: talc, gypsum, calcite, fluorite, apatite-triphylite, feldspar, quartz, beryl-topaz, corundum.

We also have a ready-to-use Mohs hardness testing kit (0900-K1B) available.

Gemstones - Includes both a rough and polished example of 9 gemstones from around the world. Includes amethyst, jasper, hematite, quartz, rose quartz, turquesite, agate, turritella agate and obsidian. We also have a bagged collection of rough specimens that are suitable for tumbling. See 0090-01A.

Fossils - A set of 8 small fossil specimens mounted alongside a geologic time chart on a 5" x 7" card. Included are an ammonite, sharks tooth, crinoid stem, fusilinid, brachiopod, petrified wood, dinosaur bone and an oyster. Information about each is included on the back of the card. We also have a lot of other fossils. Be sure and visit our fossil page.