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Minerals - Set of 6 mineral specimens (quartz, pyrite, gypsum, mica, calcite, feldspar) for you to identify. We also have a keyed set of 12 mineral specimens - Introductory Mineral Collection (1301-000).

Find more mineral specimens on our Mineral Specimens page.

Igneous Rocks - Set of 6 igneous rock specimens (basalt, rhyolite, porphyry, granite, scoria, obsidian) for you to identify. For a boxed collection of 15 igneous specimens see - Igneous Rock Collection (1309-000).

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Metamorphic Rocks - Set of 6 metamorphic rock specimens (slate, gneiss, marble, schist, quartzite, anthracite) for you to identify. For a keyed set of 15 metamorphic specimens - check out Metamorphic Rock Collection (1311-000).

Find more metamorphic rock specimens on our Metamorphic Rock Specimens page.

Sedimentary Rocks - A set of 6 sedimentary rock specimens for you to identify. Collection contains: sandstone, conglomerate, fossil limestone, shale, dolomite and limestone. Want something more? See our keyed set of 15 sedimentary specimens - Sedimentary Rock Collection (1313-000).

Find more sedimentary rock specimens on our Sedimentary Rock Specimens page.

25 Rocks & Minerals - This bagged collection of 25 identified rock and mineral specimens (0.75"-1.25") also includes a rock cycle information chart.

Geology Field Trip in a Bag - Contains 30 small specimens including rocks, minerals and fossils mixed with filler material. Identification sheet helps user find and identify each specimen. A great way to introduce students to rock and fossil collecting. Can be reused again and again.

Gemstones - Three quarters of a pound (.75 lb) of rough, natural pieces suitable for tumbling. We also have a card-mounted collection of 9 gemstones from around the world that illustrates both the rough and polished product. See Card Mounted Gemstones (1018-GC2).
$ 7.00

Flowering Rock - Add some magic potion (you'll find it in your own kitchen) and watch it grow. Find more fun things to do at the Hands-on Activities page.
$ 4.00

Fossil Collection - Set of 12 fossil specimens individually bagged with an information card about the specimen. Includes our 11" x 17" Geologic Time Chart so you can match the fossil to the geologic time period during which it lived. For a great starter grouping check out the Card Mounted Fossils (1008-1F8).

Fossil Collection - A bagged set of 15 fossil specimens. Each is labeled with basic information. Includes an 11" x 17" Geologic Time Chart.

CMEC Rock Bag set - This CMEC custom specimen bagged collection of 12 rocks used in conjunction with "The Practical Geologist" course booklet. The label lists the names of the specimens contained within the bagged set.