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Minerals - Set of 6 mineral specimens (quartz, pyrite, gypsum, mica, calcite, feldspar) for you to identify. We also have a keyed set of 12 mineral specimens - Introductory Mineral Collection (1301-000).

Find more mineral specimens on our Mineral Specimens page.
$ 6.50

Igneous Rocks - Set of 6 igneous rock specimens (basalt, rhyolite, porphyry, granite, scoria, obsidian) for you to identify. For a boxed collection of 15 igneous specimens see - Igneous Rock Collection (1309-000).

Find more igneous rock specimens on our Igneous Rock Specimens page.
$ 6.00

Metamorphic Rocks - Set of 6 metamorphic rock specimens (slate, gneiss, marble, schist, quartzite, anthracite) for you to identify. For a keyed set of 15 metamorphic specimens - check out Metamorphic Rock Collection (1311-000).

Find more metamorphic rock specimens on our Metamorphic Rock Specimens page.
$ 6.00

Sedimentary Rocks - A set of 6 sedimentary rock specimens for you to identify. Collection contains: sandstone, conglomerate, fossil limestone, shale, dolomite and limestone. Want something more? See our keyed set of 15 sedimentary specimens - Sedimentary Rock Collection (1313-000).

Find more sedimentary rock specimens on our Sedimentary Rock Specimens page.
$ 6.00

25 Rocks & Minerals - This bagged collection of 25 identified rock and mineral specimens (0.5"-1.0") also includes a rock cycle information chart.

Geology Field Trip in a Bag - Contains 30 small specimens including rocks, minerals and fossils mixed with filler material. Identification sheet helps user find and identify each specimen. A great way to introduce students to rock and fossil collecting. Can be reused again and again.

Gemstones - Three quarters of a pound (.75 lb) of rough, natural pieces suitable for tumbling. We also have a card-mounted collection of 9 gemstones from around the world that illustrates both the rough and polished product. See Card Mounted Gemstones (1018-GC2).
$ 7.00

Flowering Rock - Add some magic potion (you'll find it in your own kitchen) and watch it grow. Find more fun things to do at the Hands-on Activities page.
$ 4.00

Fossil Collection - Set of 12 fossil specimens individually bagged with an information card about the specimen. Includes our 11" x 17" Geologic Time Chart so you can match the fossil to the geologic time period during which it lived. For a great starter grouping check out the Card Mounted Fossils (1008-1F8).

Fossil Collection - A bagged set of 15 fossil specimens. Each is labeled with basic information. Includes an 11" x 17" Geologic Time Chart.