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Geology Lab for Kids Kit (Book & Specimens) - Book by Garret Romaine (2017) - Features 52 simple, inexpensive and fun experiments that explore the Earth's surface, structure and process.

The book is divided into 12 units, the labs include several ways of growing crystals, scratching various materials to test their hardness, creating fossil-like molds and impressions, and cooking up several edible experiments (a molten cake to study how lava cools, and a souffle to suggest the caldera that forms after a volcanic eruption). It includes photographs, clear instructions, and safety tips to walk readers through the brief projects, with numerous sidebars titled - The Science Behind the Fun - that explains the geological connection of each lab. This family-friendly guide explores the wonders of geology with numerous captivating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities. Ages 6 to 12; with color illustrations.

For those who already have a copy of this wonderful book, a specimen set of many of the minerals, rocks, fossils and supplies referred to in the book can be purchased separately below.

Geology Lab For Kids Specimens ONLY - Specimens included in this set are 1 each of the following: Minerals are quartz crystal, calcite crystal, halite, pyrite, gypsum-satin spar, fluorite, hematite-earthy, hematite-hard, malachite & feldspar. Rocks are granite, pumice, sandstone-banded, shale, limestone-chalk, rock salt, slate, gneiss & concretion. Fossils are lace fern, petrified wood & shark tooth. Supplies: magnifying lens, porcelain streak plate, glass plate, penny & nail. $25.00

Stories in Stone Book - Stories in Stone is a hands-on activity book for grades 4-9 developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California. The 8 study sessions outlined in Stories in Stone helps students learn how rocks and minerals are formed by observing physical and chemical properties.

  • Session 1: Students learn about some of the properties of rocks and minerals.
  • Session 2: Learn the difference between a rock and a mineral.
  • Session 3: Learn about crystalline structure of rocks and minerals by making models of them.
  • Sessions 4 - 6: The origins of the three types of rocks.
  • Session 7: Use clay to make a model of the rock cycle.
  • Session 8: Students use their new knowledge to separate rocks from minerals and to determine if rocks are igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary in origin.

Stories in Stone Classroom Kit - Includes:
  • Stories in Stone (item# B600)
  • 25 magnifying lenses
  • 100 rock and mineral samples including 10 pieces each of basalt, conglomerate, galena, granite, halite, obsidian, quartz crystals, schist, shale and slate; enough for 10 work groups of students.
You save $10 off the regular price of the components of the kit if purchased separately. Click on the kit photo to take a look.

Stories in Stone Single Student Kit - Includes:
  • Stories in Stone (item# B600)
  • 1 magnifying lense
  • 10 rock and mineral samples - 1 piece each of basalt, conglomerate, galena, granite, halite, obsidian, quartz crystals, schist, shale and slate.

How the Earth Works Book and Specimens - Through 60 engrossing games, activities, and experiments, earth science comes alive for children ages 6 to 9; by Michelle O'Brien-Palmer, 2002, with black and white illustrations.
  • Core sample a cupcake
  • Discover plate tectonics by floating graham cracker continents on a molten mantle of molasses
  • Learn how heat changes rocks by seeing how separate ingredients disappear when you bake Rice Krispie Treats
  • What causes earthquakes
  • What kinds of buildings resist their force
  • Grow sugar and salt crystals
  • Fossilize plastic insects
  • Model a variety of volcanoes

Eight of the activities are tasty as well as informative. Silly songs help children remember new words and concepts. One of the most important things for parents to know about this book is that before the book was published, all the projects were tested in homes and schools to make sure they are safe, effective, and fun.

For those who already have a copy of this wonderful book, a set of rock, mineral, fossil and crystal specimens referred to in the book can be purchased separately below.


How the Earth Works Specimens ONLY - Rocks included in this set are limestone, sandstone, obsidian, granite, shale, slate, pumice and marble. Minerals are talc, apatite, hematite, pyrite, lodestone and mica. Crystals are calcite, quartz crystal and amethyst. Fossils include a shark tooth, amber, an ammonite, a snail, dinosaur bone, dinosaur egg shell, a trilobite and a belemnite. A magnifying glass is also included. $25.00

Usborne Spotter's Guide - Rocks and Minerals - Is a 64 page softcover book and an excellent beginner's pocket sized field guide to rocks and minerals. Contains spotter's score cards, maps, glossaries, reference materials & illustrations for over 100 specimens. This fascinating book shows how to identify rocks, minerals and fossils, and discover how different types of rocks were formed and what kind of rocks are beneath the Earth's surface. Ages 7 and up..

$ 6.00

National Geographic Kids - Rocks and Minerals - by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. Is a 32 page softcover book. This beautifully illustrated book introduces kids to the exciting world of minerals and rocks. This book is written in an easy-to-grasp text written by experienced and skilled children's book authors for kids reading. It is a Level 2 independent reader.

$ 4.00

Rock Collecting for Kids - by Dan R. Lynch. This book tells about the fun of finding, collecting and identifying rocks and minerals. The author provides a kid's introduction to our amazing Earth. The book begins with geology basics, such as where rocks come from and how the Earth's surface changes over time. Book includes a rock collection guide, which features full-color photographs and identification tips on 75 types of common rocks and minerals.

$ 13.00

Rocks, Minerals and Gems Stereogram Book - Don't have an actual rock specimen to look at? This book is the answer. Used in combination with our stereoscope (sold separately -item A110 - on our supplies page, the photos of rock, mineral and gem specimens will jump off the page. The 64 page 8.5" x 11" soft cover book also features stereo photos of lunar rocks and the six crystal systems. $20.00

Rocks, Minerals and Gems Stereogram Book With Stereoscope - Everything you need to view the specimens pictured in stereo. $29.00

Rocks, Minerals & Crystals - A Coloring & Collecting Book - by Darryl Powell. Let imagination and Mother Nature be your guide. In this 48 page book you can 'color-in' and explore the amazing world of rocks, minerals and crystals. Learn how to start a rock collection, and discover uses and properties of rocks, minerals and crystals. There are informative captions and full-color versions of quartz, fluorite, azurite, tourmaline, gold, wulfenite, malachite, agate, pyrite suns, garnet, halite, amethyst, muscovite, and many more. For Ages 8 and up..

To purchase specimens see our Individual Specimens list.
$ 9.00

Rocks and Minerals Coloring Book - A Dover Coloring Book by T.D. Burns. Hobbyists, collectors, and kids who like to color will enjoy this 48 page, 8.5 x 11 publication. Learn about 36 different rocks and minerals with illustrations of smoky quartz, amethyst, malachite, emerald, celestite, crazy lace agate, aragonite, garnet, and many more. Informative captions are included and full-color versions of each illustration are included on the cover for reference.

To purchase specimens see our Individual Specimens list.
$ 4.00

Rock & Mineral Cards This standard card deck identifies and features 52 color photos of the most common and sought after specimens found in the United States. The deck can also be used as flash cards.
$ 6.00

Night Sky Constellation Cards This standard deck of playing cards features 52 different constellations, and each suit represents a different season. The deck can also be used as flash cards.
$ 6.00

Dinosaur Cards This traditional card deck features detailed illustrations of 52 of the most important dinosaur species to know. The deck can also be used as flash cards.
$ 6.00

National Geographic Kids - Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs - by Catherine D. Hughes with illustrations by Franco Tempesta. Is a 128 page hardcover book. This very informative book is for kids 4 - 8 years and up who love to learn about dinosaurs. The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic, with stunning illustrations. This book is filled with fun facts and age appropriate information, each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids. Young dino fans will love the interactivity included in every chapter, and parents will appreciate tips to help carry readers' experience beyond the page. $15.00

National Geographic Kids - You Can Be a Paleontologist - by Scott D Sampson. Is a 32 page hardcover book. Ever wondered how to find a dinosaur? Paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson, host of Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids, tells kids how! How do paleontologists find dinosaur bones? How do they know what dinosaurs ate or looked like? And what is paleontology, anyway? Dr. Scott tackles all these questions and more while inspiring kids to go out and make the next big dino discovery! Ages 4-8 and up..

For those who want to capture the excitement of digging for real fossils, check out our fossil Fossil Dig Discovery.

Paleontology - The Study of Prehistoric Life - by Susan H Gray. Is a 48 page softcover book. Millions of years ago, Earth was populated by animals unlike any that we know today. The only way to learn anything about these extinct species is to study the remains they have left behind in Earth's rocks and soil. Readers will discover how paleontologists dig deep to discover these remains and how they use them to learn more about the plants and animals that once covered the planet. Ages 7-9 and up..

For those who want to capture the excitement of digging for real fossils, check out our fossil Fossil Dig Discovery.
$ 7.00

Natural History Museum - Dinosaur Sticker Book - Children love this entertaining and informative activity book. Packed with 100 colorful & re-useable stickers, and includes fun and challenging puzzles. Introduces kids to dinosaurs that are big & small and fierce & gentle. For Ages 4 and up..

$ 5.00

Out of the Rock Book - (grades K-8) - 226 pages. Full Color cover; B/W contents. A ready to use, hands-on integrated learning guide on topics such as rocks, minerals, mining, geology, the environment, and economics. The guide comes with a CD which has supplementary activities and background information. Other features of the CD include selected songs from the Rock Music CD, student handouts, and samples of NEF posters, National Science Standard listings for grades K-8, and additional student activities. Full Color cover; B/W contents. We can also supply the rocks and minerals to go with the activities. $20.00

Out of the Rock Video - a 30-minute video produced by the US Bureau of Mines. How rocks and minerals are formed; how we look for them, mine them, use and recycle them. Also discusses environmental effects of extracting minerals from the earth. $10.00