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Item # Item Description Price
Long Wave UV Light - This is a great value on a quality UV light. 9 bulb LED flashlight which emits ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 385nm. This field tested UV flashlight comes with a professional grade filter to block white (visible) light, which otherwise would make it difficult to see the fluorescence. Ready to use with 3 AAA batteries and a nylon case.
Forceps - Plastic, 4.5 inches long. Features serrated inside tips and ribbed finger supports. (10 pack) $ 9.00
Magnets - 1.5" x 0.4" x 0.25" (10 pack) $ 6.75
Iron Filings - This 1/4 pound bag of iron filings is ideal for use in magnetism experiments. $ 5.00
Streak Plates - White, 1"x 2", unglazed porcelain. (10 pack) $ 7.25
Streak Plates - White 2"x 2", unglazed porcelain (10 pack) $ 8.75
Streak Plates - Black, 1"x 2", unglazed porcelain (10 pack) $ 7.25
Streak Plates - Black 2"x 2", unglazed porcelain (10 pack) $ 8.75
Scratch Plates - Clear Glass, 1/4" thick, 1"x 2" for scratch tests. (10 pack) $14.50
Scratch Plates - Clear Glass, 1/4" thick, 2"x 2" for scratch tests. (10 pack) $17.50
A104-10X single
Magnifier - 10x, double lens $ 3.75 ea
A104-10X pack
Magnifiers - 10x, double lens (10 pack) $33.00
A104-5X pack
Small Hand Lens - 5x, single lens (10 pack) $ 10.00
Stereo Glasses (Stereoscope) - For use with stereo pictures or aerial photos to produce 3-D images. Made of high impact, crystal-clear plastic with a 2.2 magnification, 4.7 focal length, adjustable inter-pupillary distance and folding legs for compact storage. We also have a great book (item B700) filled with stereo images of rocks, gems and minerals. Check out our Rocks, Minerals and Gems Stereogram Book
$ 10.25
Plastic Eye Droppers - These disposable eye droppers by Nalgene are approximately 4" in length. Many classroom, home and hobby uses. (10 pack) $ 6.50
Perky Boxes - Perky boxes in this 10 pack are made of acrylic plastic lucite plexiglass. It has a snap shut lid, styrofoam insert and black base. The box is a cube with an internal measurement of 1.25 inch on a side, the outside dimensions are slightly larger. The box will hold a specimen up to 3/4 inch tall x 3/4 inch wide. Great for smaller specimens. (10 pack)
Clear Round Plastic Containers - These clear 1 3/8" diameter x 3/8" deep round plastic containers with 3/8" blue foam inserts, come in packets of 10. Multiple purpose containers. Great for securely holding & displaying smaller rock, mineral, fossil or meterorite specimens. (10 pack)
Plastic Display Box - 5/8" H x 2 1/8"W x 1 5/8"D, Clear (10 pack) $ 7.50
Small Magnifier Box - 1" cube $ 2.50 ea
A105-10 pack
Small Magnifier Boxes - 1" boxes (10 pack) $20.00
Large Magnifier Box - 1.5" cube $ 3.50 ea
A106-10 pack
Large Magnifier Boxes - 1.5" boxes (10 pack) $30.00
NEBO DUO 250+ Lumen Headlamp - is an all powerful, hands-free lighting solution. The push on/off button allows you to easily cycle through the 4 light modes; Spot light (250 lumens), Flood light COB (80 lumens), Red COB (10 lumen); and Red Beacon light. The DUO Headlamp is tough, reliable & lightweight with a dual adjustable head strap. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included). A great tool for rockhounds and any outdoor enthusiast! $ 22.50
Basic Mineral Testing Kit - Contains everything you need to learn how to test for important physical properties of rocks and minerals in order to identify them.
Kit contains:
  • Instructions and Mohs Scale of Hardness
  • Bag of test specimens including: talc, gypsum, calcite, mica, magnetite, feldspar, quartz, pyrite and hematite.
  • Testing Tools including: magnifier, magnet, streak plate, copper coin, scratch tool and acid/vinegar bottle.
We also have a very nice Mohs hardenss collection available on our boxed collections page. To visit our Mohs' page for more details about Mohs Scale of Hardness, click here.