General Information (B)

Bessemer converter - The bessemer converter is a process for making cheap steel. Basically, impurities are removed from the pig iron by blasting air through the molten metal and adding lime to remove phosphorus from the metal. The process takes about twenty minutes.

Beta Particles - Beta Particles are electrons travelling at velocities up to 99 per cent of the velocity of light, such as are emitted from the nuclei of the atoms of radioactive materials.

Beta Rays - Beta rays are streams of high-velocity beta particles travelling at speeds approaching that of light.

Bromide - see "Potassium Bromide"

Bromine - Bromine is a non-metallic element with the symbol Br. It is a poisonous, voltaile liquid which was first discovered in salt water by Balard in 1826.

Bullion - Bullion is gold or silver in bars, plates or other masses which has not been minted.