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Flint and Obsidian

Ancient men added meat to their diet whenever possible by killing large animals with a pointed stick or attempting to herd them into traps which could be tricky, dangerous and deadly. But one day - quite by accident I am sure - an ancient hunter picked up a shiny rock and struck it with a piece of bone, antler or another stone. Where he struck it, a small flake broke away leaving a sharp, exposed edge. Thus began the Stone Age.

Flint and obsidian (and other rocks and minerals for that matter) have been used by ancient and primitive peoples and civilizations for thousands of years. Even today, a few primitive tribes continue using this Stone Age technology for fashioning points and blades.


Flint is a massive compact variety of quartz comprised of fine grained silica . Usually grey to brown or nearly black in color it also found in blue-gray deposits. Flint breaks with a conchoidal fracture and very sharp edge. It is very hard, and was used for centuries in making fire by striking it against a piece of steel. The shower of sparks thrown off when striking the steel are shavings of the steel being cut off by the flint! Flint is actually harder than many types of steel.

Flint Flint

Unfortunately the deposit of Georgetown limestone in the Austin formation located around Georgetown, Texas on the eastern fringes of the Edwards Plateau has been closed and so far we have not been able to find a new source.. Georgetown Flint is blue-gray in color and is reported to have good knapping qualities.


Obsidian is an extrusive igneous rock that is composed mainly of the minerals feldspar and quartz . It has been used as a natural form of glass for its cutting properties since prehistoric times. Ancient Egyptian tombs have produced beautiful specimens of scalpels used by physicians thousands of years ago. Even today, only the finest scalpels have as smooth and sharp and edge as one made from obsidian. Obsidian is commonly referred to as "volcanic glass". Today it is considered to be a gemstone and is used in making beautiful jewelry.

Our obsidian comes comes in three "flavors" depending on your requirements: black, snowflake and mahogany. The black is the beautiful, black and shiny and will produce extremely sharp edges when knapped. The snowflake is full of white "flakes" providing a beautiful finish. The mahogany colored obsidian is a beautiful creamy brown color. If you enjoy making promitive tools such as arrowheads, knife blades, scrapers etc., we can supply you with the quality you need to make the finest knapped points and blades anywhere.

Obsidian Obsidian

Product Item # Item Description Price
Black Obsidian
3 inch specimen
$ 8.50

Mahogany Obsidian
3 inch specimen
$ 8.50

Snowflake Obsidian
3 inch specimen
$ 8.50

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