General Information (T)

Tantalum — Tantalum is a metal element with the symbol Ta.

Tectonics — Tectonics is the study of rock movements.

Tellurium — Tellurium is a semi-metallic element with the symbol Te.

Tempering — Tempering is the process of heating up steel until red hot and then suddenly cooling it in water. The result is to harden the steel.

Terbium — Terbium is a metal element with the symbol Tb belonging to the series known as rare earths.

Thallium — Thallium is a metal element with the symbol Tl.

Thorium — Thorium is radioactive metal element with the symbol Th.

Thulium — Thulium is a metal element with the symbol Tm.

Tin-plate — Tin-plate is thin sheet iron or steel coated with pure metallic tin. Iron and steel are coated with tin to prevent rusting.

Tincal — Tincal is a crude form of borax found in lake-deposits in parts of Asia.

Tinplate — Tinplate is steel covered in tin.

Ton — The ton is a unit of measurement of the avoirdupois scale equivalent to 20 hundredweight, 2240 pounds or 1.016 tons.

Triassic — The Triassic was the ninth geological period, 170,000,000 years ago.

Tritium — Tritium is an unstable isotope of hydrogen.